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Bug Out To BUGGIN’s Insanely Awesome ‘Concrete Cowboys’ LP!

Photo by @cuhhrissee

Straight up, I say this with chest: BUGGIN’s Concrete Cowboys out now on Flatspot Records slams harder than 1980s SoCal circle pit and then some! I’m in total amazement at how this band creates these HUGE grooves that are laced with Pure Fury. Not only do their songs make me want to dance, but they also put a smile on my face because I feel the fun energy that was infused into these tunes! Vocally, Bryanna shows and proves on every song that they can’t be fucked with. As humans, this band has given a gift to the Global Hardcore community with Concrete Cowboys, because it’s that gnarly. BUGGIN’s music uplifts me on so many levels, and live this band is Freaking SICK! When y’all hear songs like “Get It Out”, “Concrete Cowboys” and “All Eyes On You,” y’all will realize that this band has created some of raddest Hardcore breakdowns of 2023. The amount of passion and love that BUGGIN put into this project is evident, and I respect that to the fullest! This band has something to say and I’m all ears. I know for a fact that “Concrete Cowboys” will be high up on our end of the list because this record makes my brain cells do a stage dive with each listen. This is a message to the whole band we appreciate y’all and thank you for manifesting such an outstanding debut album. Our whole family is looking forward to seeing y’all live again! BUGGIN will be performing at this year’s The Tribes of Da Moon fest which takes place on Aug. 19th – 20th.

The Tribes of Da Moon Tickets HERE!

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