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Born To Ride…
The Black Biker Experience
Documentary Now Showing

L.A. and Oakland are home to many things, and one of them is the Black Biker movement that started decades ago. I know when most people think of choppers and biker gangs, white males come to mind – which is obviously not the case when you take a deeper look into black biker culture. The Black Biker Experience is a documentary that takes a look at the people that have been left out of biker history. This film is awesome on so many levels and should be appreciated by all. Check it out and take a look at the Chosen Few….Here are two very interesting facts:

1. The Choppers that Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper rode in the film Easy Rider were created by Ben Hardy and Cliff Von, who were both African American.


2. Most Black motorcycle clubs/gangs from the 70’s were integrated with white and Latino members – while most white clubs/gangs did not allow African Americans to become members.

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