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Avant Garde

Body Snatchers, The Shits and Kalima’s Acid Muscle. Tape spools forever.

I fvcking love tapes. Thee best shit always seemed to turn up on tape and now is a great time for the format. Here are 3 recent tape releases that blew my little mind.

The Shits – Drink Your Blood (Concrete Block)

This is fvcking insane in thee best ov ways. Grinding, psychotic doom laden Hardcore. Reminds me ov thee lovely Rectal Hygienics and thee mighty Flipper or Sex Vid’s slower grab a partner tunes. Caustic asf lyrics “That’s the way I Die, I suppose… Whatever”  and endless riffs heavier than thee proverbial but extinct mammoth. Hailing from Leeds in the UK, where there seems to be a ton ov rad Hardcore atm. You can get it from Concrete Block or straight from the band.


Body Snatchers – Die Jugend (Smashing Tapes)

Hard pulsing Industrial electronics on thee ever dependable Smashing Tapes. Body Snatchers is a new project from Greek lo fi techno and industrial producer DJ LOSER and vocalist Charlotte. There’s touches ov Electro, EBM and acid. Rad stuff, Give Fuck No More is thee standout track for me. Get it from Smashing Tapes.



Viktor Kalima – Club Muscle (Infidel Bodies)

Crushing acid drenched industrial techno/electro here. Hypnotic and pounding and sometimes punishing, this is great for thee dancefloor or for fvcking to. I know nothing about Viktor but this his first release is a great start. Comes with two remixes one from thee Black Metal inspired Verset Zero and thee other from thee always dependable Violet Poison, both are worthwhile. Go get it from Infidel Bodies.



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Owner ov Clan Destine Records. Kvlt 4 Life

Sentient 51423

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