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Ride the Emotional Sonic Wave of BLUME HINGES “Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain”

Blume Hinges new album Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain is a blissed-out sonic portal of fuzzy happiness. I love music like this because when I drowning in depression years ago, it bands like this were my life raft! I know that being isolated is hard as fuck on so many levels, so I recommend a healthy dose of Blume Hinges to help y’all out. We’re streaming Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain in full below! Order this sunny audio pill from Diversion Records!

“Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain,” is, essentially, intended to be an emotional rollercoaster of an album through the form of an analysis of identity-crisis/self-exploration. The phrase itself has been kicking around my head for many years and is meant to convey a sense of solitary artistic expression. Living in the prairies of Saskatchewan, solitude and isolation become part of one’s being – which is something that I wanted to try to explore and convey artistically throughout the album (this theme is also illustrated in the artwork chosen for the singles and the album’s cover art). Universally, regardless of an individual’s location, the human experience brings ecstatic highs and crushing lows, and sometimes you’re just existing in-between.  Each individual song on the record is intended to elicit a visceral emotional response somewhere on that spectrum.

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