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50% Blissed-Out ShoeGaze + 50% Drum & Bass Energy = 100% RAD! FOREVER ☆’s “3 Series”

If I had to pick one release that has pushed my wig back this month, it would be Kansas City’s forever ☆‘s tape 3 SERIES which is coming out on September 5th via à La Carte Records. This band has taken two genres I love beyond words and perfectly mixed them together! forever ☆ is 50% blissed-out shoegaze magic and 50% calling all drum & bass headz energy to manifest a sound that is 100% Pure Radness. This band is the next band to blow in 2023, mark my words. From the very first moment I heard their BIG Tune “Rain Forever,” I became an instant fan! Their vocalist does not sing on these tracks, they float over them and give me the sensation that I’m about to fly off into space. forever ☆ are so fucking on point and I love the way they have looked to the past while pointing their sound to the future. “Your Angel Speaks” is another anthem that proves that this band is next-level. While listening to their songs on repeat, makes me realize all of their tunes have the right amount of bass that ties everything together. I grew up in the 90s and forever ☆ 3 SERIES makes me how I felt when I heard Stone Roses’s “Fools Gold” for the first time. If I had one complaint about this tape, it’s that it’s too short — I want a full-length!

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