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Bang your Head-Catch Rek! Blast the SHRED BUNDY – FACE FACTS Split

Lames jump up to get beat down! I’m jumping up the sounds of the new SHRED BUNDYFACE FACTS split that comes out on Feb. 5th via Slam Records! SHRED BUNDY’s music reminds me of the night I got to see my homies Suicidal Tendencies perform at the Perkins Palace. Venice was in the house and it was a raging Anti-Racist Thrash Party! Some white boy called me the N-word and my Jewish homie stabbed him with a screwdriver. Yeah that’s right, Shred Bundy kicks ass, which is why I love it when they drop new music. FACE FACTS brings the ruckus on their two songs and I’m now a fan! When racists jump up they will always catch a beatdown! No acts of violence were committed while this feature was written.

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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