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Witness Shred Bundy’s new Killer visual “Maze of Malice”

Hell Fucking Yeah! Are you ready for some Cali Thrash? Shred Bundy is a SoCal band that looks towards the past for inspiration but is pushing the genre of Thrash into the future! The fucking grooves that this band lays down are so infectious. Their EP Chaos Cycle came out last year, and let me tell you, it RIPS! If Vol. 3 of the Welcome to Venice comp came out right now, Shred Bundy would be on it for sure! I’m fucking beyond stoked to share with you the new video for their song “Maze of Malice” below. Shred Bundy’s music takes me back in time to when I was going to Venice backyard parties with bands like No Mercy, Excel S.T., and Beowulf ripping shit! Get with the program because Shred Bundy is killing shit in 2021 and slapping Nazis while they’re at it!

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