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Black Is Power: The new sound of Blackness! UNITY Mixtape Vol.1

Today CVLT Nation is proud to present our new mixtape series UNITY Vol.1. Our goal with this series is to change the narrative of what Black sonic creativity sounds and looks like. On Vol.1, we feature artists that are pushing the boundaries of sound from Alternative R&B, Experimental Ambient, Hip Hop/Alternative Hip Hop, Dream Pop, and Futuristic Soundscapes. For too long, the mainstream media have tried to put the creative spirit of people of color into boxes that they can monetize and exploit. UNITY Vol.1 brings together the young exciting artists who are FREE to be themselves on all levels!

CVLTNation · UNITY Vol.1

UNITY Track-listing

1.Erika de Casier – Someone to Chill With

2.Don Lifted – Lost in Orion


4.LUKAH The Seine


6.NONAME Rainforest

7.Wallie the Sensei – 03′ Flow

8.Tre’ Amani ft Super Chillly – Murilyn

9.Mansur Brown – Want You

10.K, Le Maestro Come Around

11.Sequoyah Murray – ‘Penalties Of Love’ _ 4_3

12.ENNY ft. Jorja Smith – Peng Black Girls Remix 

13.Semiratruth  Djembe_Shooting Star


15.Yves Jarvis – ‘Emblem’

16.Moses Sumney – Cut Me

17.Shikoswe – Secret Bower 

18.SAULT Wildfires

19.SAULT Pray up Stay Up

20.Don Lifted – Golden (The Wait) ft. MadameFraankie


22.H31R take a hold

23.SPACE AFRIKA Honest Labour (feat. HforSpirit)

24.Space Afrika – ‘yyyyyy2222’ 

25.CITIES AVIV Higher Up There

26.AKAI SOLO – Ocean Hue Hours 

27.JOE SIG Black Business

28.Navy Blue – Higher Self

29.AMANI + KING VISION ULTRA ‘Scrapes’ (feat. E L U C I D)

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