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Beware of The Beast: Get Addicted to the Bestial Hardcore of MEXICAN COKE!!!

Photo by @stevenruud

I don’t drink COKE and I don’t sniff COKE but I’m super addicted to MEXICAN COKE. Mark my words, this young Bestial Hardcore band from Texas is about to take over the world two bleeding ear drums at a time! WTF, their songs sound like they were recorded in a hate chamber by a mad scientist. Chaos & Mayhem mixed with heavy loads of I don’t give a fuck attitude is the foundation of their sonic shit storm that put out as songs. Honestly, I feel honored to be writing about such an unreal band that is full of gnarly fucking energy! I could write a whole lot more but I’m going to let their demo and a bunch of live footage do the talking! The only coke I want floating around my brain is MEXICAN COKE.

Video by Ashley Matkowsky @j_a_c_k_a_s_h

Photo by @stevenruud 
Photo by @stevenruud 
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