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Death Metal

Bending Sonic Reality – Reshaping Death Metal: ATVM “Finisher Of The World”

Have y’all heard “Famine, Putrid and Fucking Endless” the insanely bonkers album by ATVM? Imagine if Salvador Dali, Alice in Chains and Death decided to create a Death Metal band together the out come might sound like this band. I hate to use the word progressive when it comes to talking about music. I will say that the this band is fearless when it comes to way they write their songs. It’s this freedom that makes ATVM songs so RAD. Have y’all heard “Famine, Putrid and Fucking Endless” is getting the vinyl treatment by the almighty Dry Cough records. Today we are stoked to share with y’all their exclusive track “Finisher Of The World” ( available only on the vinyl release ) below.

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Sentient 51423

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