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Avant Garde

Avant Anomalies Of The Month:
August 2014

The sands of time are running low for the August edition of Avant Anomalies Of The Month, so without any hesitation, let me introduce you to the eight entries of this month:

Robedoor - Devourer (CVLT Nation)

Artist: Robedoor
Year Of Release: 2005
Genre/Style: Experimental/Noise Rock/Psychedelia/Free Improvisation

Robedoor are a number of post-hobos, and the only junk they’re addicted to is noise.

Jacques Dudon - Lumières Audibles (CVLT Nation)

“Lumières Audibles”
Artist: Jacques Dudon
Year Of Release: 2005
Genre/Style: Experimental/Postmodern/Contemporary Classical/Microtonal/Photosonic

Indeed Dudon’s unorthodox method of using light as the main source for the target sound is as fascinating as it is a torch to pour light on the concept of just intonation — for the electronic music listeners.

Brion Gysin - Self-Portrait Jumping (CVLT Nation)

“Self-Portrait Jumping”
Artist: Brion Gysin
Year Of Release: 1993
Genre/Style: Punk Jazz

When there are Steve Lacy, Don Cherry, and Lizzy Mercier Descloux involved in a record and the main contributing person is none other than Brion Gysin, what would you do? Or maybe the correct question is what could you do? Other than to play it over and over on the Sunday afternoon?

Partial - LL (CVLT Nation)

Artist: Partial
Year Of Release: 2014
Genre/Style: Sound Art/Free Improvisation

“Music Made From Objects Found In The Basement Of A Thrift Store In Pilsen, Chicago”

Charles Ives - Calcium Light Night (CVLT Nation)

“Calcium Light Night”
Artist: Charles Ives
Year Of Release: 1970
Genre/Style: Modern Classical/Aleatorial

Facebook’s been redirecting the Wikipedia-generated page of the phenomenal composer Charles Ives to some ‘official’ page of a teenage rapper. I have tried too many times reporting the goddamn page and every time it was rejected; no idea if it’s still broken, but it’s frustrating to know the people in charge are as dumb as that. In any case, the 1970 release of “Calcium Light Night” might be the most brilliant Ives record around, having been masterfully conducted by Gunther Schuller and spanning highlights of his fruitful career.

Gate - Fear Of Music (CVLT Nation)

“Fear Of Music”
Artist: Gate
Year Of Release: 1989
Genre/Style: Noise/Post-Rock/Drone

On the list, another hard-to-find, holy grail of an album after “Calcium Light Night”, is Gate’s “Fear Of Music”. While most people know Michael Morley’s Gate as a noise project, I happen to think of it as one hell of a post-rock effort.

John Butcher, Thomas Lehn, John Tilbury - Exta (CVLT Nation)

Artist: John Butcher, Thomas Lehn, John Tilbury
Year Of Release: 2013
Genre/Style: Experimental/Free Improvisation/Noise/Postmodern Classical/Minimal

Animal sacrifice and concepts of such are often explored within the heavy metal spectrum. Often, not always. “Exta” is a sickening electroacoustic record, and a great instance of postmodern classical music where free improvisation, minimalism, and noise music converge. A haunting one, too.

Marc Ribot & Rootless Cosmopolitians - Requiem For What's-His-Name (CVLT Nation)

“Requiem For What’s-His-Name”
Artist: Marc Ribot & Rootless Cosmopolitians
Year Of Release: 1992
Genre/Style: Free Jazz/Art Rock

No matter how criminally underrated most of Marc Ribot’s records are, “Requiem For What’s-His-Name” comes off as close as his all-time best, in my book.

Written By

Post-gonzo provocateur Ari Wilson has worked, during his writing career, with a wide and eccentric range of raw material, extreme metal to the avantgarde. With CVLT Nation since 2014, Wilson is known, below the underground, for his individual zine Holy Grail From Hell founded in 2010.

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