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I've been part of the diy scene for about 20 years now, and sometimes I feel too old for it, sometimes it pisses me off, sometimes I hate it... but actually I love it, and can't get away from it...
I've had so many positive moments, I've met so many friends and good people...
I'm using this here as an opportunity to give something back to the world of hardcore, punk, underground metal...
I also run a small label called Vendetta and a record store called Bis Aufs Messer out of east Berlin.

- es gibt kein ruhiges hinterland -

Graphic DesignIllustration

Many consider themselves artists, or designers, Some are good at what they do… I think he is So go ahead and check out TOM IS THE BASTARD: What made you start doing design work? Did you draw before, or did it come out of the pure need of having some

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Black Metal

What does MARNOST mean? And what made you start a black metal band, even though all of you have a hardcore/punk background? Marnost is a Czech word that refers to something that could probably be defined as a combination of futility and emptiness. It’s a feeling that whatever you do

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Blackened CrustCrustHardcore

I hate best of the year lists, but I was forced to write one for 2013, and I found HOLY‘s The Age of Collapse LP in it, a record that hit me like a rock. It has everything I think hardcore stands for: honesty, aggression, breaks, blasts, melodies, great vocals…plus

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Black MetalDoomMusicNeo Folk

No fashion, No kvlt, No trend! Just purely from the heart! This is what THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT is all about – whether it’s black metal, doom or neo-folk he’s playing, it has some a special feeling, it has it’s own atmosphere, it has something you will hardly find in the

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