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ANCIENT LIGHTS Video Premiere “Against Nature” + Video Interview

The month of July is going to be cosmic because ANCIENT LIGHTS are dropping their self-titled debut LP via our comrades Ritual Productions. I really fucking dig this mind-altering Heavy Psych record because it takes my thoughts on a ride to a new astral plane. Today we are premiering their new video for “Against Nature,” plus check out this trippy video interview featuring Adam Richardson of ANCIENT LIGHTS.



Formed on the instinctual and perceptive jamming between the three pillars of the band, foundations build and soar into an otherworldly plane – resulting in a rite that is solemnly foreboding yet gorgeously ethereal. Melodic quietude meets searing guitars and tempos flicker and manifest though careful increments and unseen bursts of velocity. One marker of Ancient Lights is the monastic-like vocals buried within the mix that resound deep within your brain, amplifying the ritualistic and lulling hues that enable imaginative escape.  Tracks such as ‘Temple Ghosts’, ‘Asakai Dasa’ and ‘Miasmaculatum’ burrow into murky, distorted depths that tumble amongst ruin whereas ‘Orichalcum Eater’ and ‘Fallow Year’ offer a sense of radiant space and dreamy psychedelic tones.






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