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Artist to Artist Interview…
Gehenna vs. Eyehategod

CVLT Nation is super stoked to be the go-to place for all of the info about the A389 Recordings 8th Anniversary Bash, from artist to artist interviews to exclusive album streaming and much more. Today it’s fucking on – we have an ultra rad artist to artist interview, Gehenna vs. Eyehategod. So you know what time it is: get cyco, read on after the jump. Stay tuned for more killer features as we countdown to the A389 Recordings 8th Anniversary Bash!

Photo by Angela Boatwright

Drugs, violence, and crime seem to be the most common elements for the media to associate with EYEHATEGOD. What is the one most commonly overlooked elements of the band?

Mike IX: Well those things are very real, widely reported and all true. But so as those things are part of our total fiber, we are not entirely embodied by those things. Folks that really know us know that we’re down to earth, nonsensical, contradictory and love a good laugh as much as anyone. Of course that’s combined with a good handful of pills, some loud ass raw music and a few stiff cold drinks. You should always judge a book by it’s last few ripped out pages and it’s burned off and electrical taped cover.

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Of all of the music you’ve written and released, which single song means the most to you and why?

Mike IX: C’mon man, that’s impossible. With EHG only do you mean? I’ve done so many projects there’s so many I love and have an affinity to, to pick a single song is just….hmm, shit.. I dont know. Most of my favorite EHG songs are off of ‘Take as Needed for Pain’ and after that ‘Dopesick’ or ‘Confederacy of Ruined Lives’, I do know that. I love the song ‘Inferior and Full of Anxiety’ but it’s one we ain’t done lately. “Zero Nowhere”, “Dog’s Holy Life”, “Left to Starve”… I love and hold ALL EHG tunes close to my heart so that’s a real tough question. With one of my other bands, Arson Anthem, I wrote more than just the words, I’ve written entire tunes on guitar, so for that group a few are special to me like “Insecurity Notoriety”, Kleptomania” etcetera. I also love The Guilt Of.. stuff I do too, which is experimental/noise/darkwave stuff. Of course I love some material from all bands more than others, but narrowing it down to one song is an impossibility.

“Cancer As A Social Activity” was a great look into your creative process and the history of EYEHATEGOD. I read in an interview that you’re working on a second book. What will the new book be about?

Mike IX: Thanks man. I’ve been working on a 2nd and 3rd book of poetry for a bit and it want to get them out soon as I can, but still need editing and artwork done. It’s more of the abstract dark and negative words and lyrics that I do with some slight glimmers of hope and humor. I don’t have a publisher as of this interview and have been weighing the idea of putting it out myself so hopefully I can get it out before long. Any publishers, literary agents, chapbook authors get in touch with me. My first book that you mentioned, “Cancer as a Social Activity”, is in it’s third printing now and is available at my website; I’ve also been doing more spoken word gigs and hope to continue doing more of that in the future.

Any news on a new EYEHATEGOD album?

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Mike IX: We have about six new songs written and mostly arranged plus tons of other stuff to puzzle piece together. We still haven’t chosen a label and besides that, other numerous setbacks have had this new album stalled in slow motion. The momentum is picking up however and we are nearing the point of booking studio time, label or not. That decision will be made sooner than later. I’m crossing my scarred and gnarled fingers and hooves.

What bands are you most excited to see at the (A389) show in January?

Mike IX: Obviously Integrity, mostly as they are a classic band now and I’ve never seen them live. Besides that, Gehenna, Puling Teeth, Weekend Nachos, Starkweather, Eddie Brock are all on my to-do list.

Thanks again for your time Mike. I hope the questions weren’t annoying, and I’m really looking forward to January.

Mike IX: No man its fine! Thanks!! This gig is gonna be fucking incredible. People can go to and for more info!!

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