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Witness The Dismal Fxcked in the Head Visual From LEFT TO STARVE

Right now I’m moving slow and low to the dismal sounds of the Left to Starve song “Samotan.” The world needs to know that this band has always manifested the kind of Grim Sludge that I love. This bleak visual is the perfect backdrop for this fucked in the head anthem! To say that I’m excited about their upcoming album on Rope or Guillotine and Cosmic Brood would be a gross understatement. I say this with my chest — I know for a fact that the new Left to Starve will be on our EOTY Sludge List for 2023, just wait and see. I have said it before, but I’ll say it again: this band creates the kind of modern-day blues that makes this fucked up world bearable!

Following the success of their debut full length, Left to Starve recorded a new album in 2021, titled Vapaj za mogućim. The album reflects the band’s habitualness/daily grind within the transitional post-socialist context of Croatia which can be described as an Achilles paradox, where the supposed enhancement of everyday life always escapes the footsteps of transition. Not to drop into nihilism, the band emphasizes the importance of utopian thought and its restoration in metal music for the sake of subversion.

Performer: Šimun Stankov
Director, cinematographer, editor: Pavle Kocanjer
Written By

Sentient 51423

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