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Death Metal

Are you ready for this Feral DEATH METAL Attack? TORTURE RACK’S “Pit of Limbs” EP

What the fuck – it’s time for the world to get ready for the new TORTURE RACK EP Pit of Limbs! Over the course of four extremely stench-filled tracks, they prove why they can’t be fucked with! I swear this band creates MAMMOTH Cave Human Riffs that attack your reality with each listen. I can’t stop freaking out over their vomit-infused Death Metal grooves! All HAIL TORTURE RACK – their new EP is being released between Extremely Rotten Productions in Europe (7″ EP and cassette) and in the US by Parasitic Records (7″ EP) and Headsplit Records (cassette). We are FUCKING beyond stoked to be streaming Pit of Limbs in full below and now it’s time to HEAD BANG until you DIE!

The first new recording since the bands brutal 2018 sophomore album shows TORTURE RACK from an even more feral side with this new EP consisting of 4 new slaps of ignorant death metal  in less than 8 minutes! Total EP greatness within.

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Sentient 51423

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