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Anthem ALERT! Experience the KORINE remix of THEY/LIVE “Circle”

There’s no shame in my game – I love music that makes me dance and feel good to be alive! They/Live’s album Ablation that’s out now on Born Losers Records is full of off the hook anthems that will get all up in your head. Whitney Mower’s voice is so special and really needs to be heard by many. Imagine if Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks and Elizabeth Frazer decided to form like Voltron, the outcome might be They/Live. Don’t get it twisted, Ablation is way more than just dance music, it’s music that nourishes your soul with each listen. I’m beyond happy to share the Korine remix of They/Live’s “Circle” with you. Excuse me as I fly away to a planet called bliss on the wings of Whitney Mower’s voice!

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