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Angels and Pagans… Alex Streeter Jewellery

Alex Streeter once sat on the streets of San Francisco carving jewellery from Redwood bark and selling it to passers by. That was in the 1960s; now he’s one of the best known names in rock ‘n roll jewellery, with shops around the world and a museum in Tucson dedicated to his decades of work with precious metals and stones. He is best known for his iconic Angel Heart Ring, an impressive and heavy piece of silver set with a beautiful stone and imbued with a silver pentagram. It looks powerful and magical, and like the wearer possesses some kind of earth-rending energy in their hands. While the Angel Heart Ring may have it’s own dedicated case in the Alex Streeter museum, he has a massive number of pieces in his collection, inspired by antiquity, paganism, the natural world and death. One of my personal favorites is the Pagan Priestess Ring, a kind of little sister to the Angel Heart ring. Check out his full collection on his webshop and make sure to check out his Facebook for more info. I pulled some of my favorite pieces for you to admire below!


9opQLrD6AOiq1igvrd4i8RwlkzUMmAVs08KI3b5xVSY=w1007-h719-no a1lY0NAh_ey1822AxY1nydDCxqNpX1RzSwIYwW5TyjY=w959-h720-no alex-streeter-angel-heart-peridot1 alex-streeter-domes alex-streeter-museum-angel-heart1 angel-heart-ring-crack1 angel-heart-ring-crack2 angel-heart-ring-purple angelheartring-golden-sun1 banana-buckle-alex-streeter black-crusade-cross-ring-alex-streeter2 black-magic-dome-ring-alex-streeter bones-cross-alex-streeter2 CQdGe-VnDTRvZUAJ7pCGfIPPQoIkp_cVxLKWqsWP2mw=w910-h720-no darth-skull-ring2 dragon-no2-alexstreeter dragon1-alex-streeter dragons-tooth-ring-alex-streeter dragons-tooth-rings-alex-streeter dry-gulch-pendant-alex-streeter2 FJEHSSZgWmwTHQAE1huZwQxoI1rG-B_w91c_gka__SE=w898-h720-no flaming-heart-bracelet-alex-streeter hyde-ring-alex-streeter2 IMG_7137 jh_dDhqJcSCqnugZUn-D39qZjoDy6Ypu-miIZeob4iw=w949-h720-no ny-skyline-necklace-alex-streeter O3PCEWR5NQc7b2wMUzv2pSpmkEpWSJwIWydOdiIpe3w=w960-h720-no OkgNnx-GxPmMP3nirTBpLzxM4tGKe8G-r3B6Pjzxz28=w961-h720-no pagan_priest_side_2048x2048 pagan_priestess_ring_side_2048x2048 Pagan_Ring_5ed8be52-aadf-4c78-aecc-55ddd1bac90f_2048x2048 vr0DNFqgUczY_pyKnEye2szF9euPsnOUPpciDj_rJaU=w953-h720-no

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Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation.

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1 Comment

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