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Black Death

Ambient Dark Death Metal Abyss: ABERRATION – Exclusive Full MLP Stream

Here we go, another trip around the sun begins and who knows what this brand new year will hold for us musically. Well, we may already have a clue on a great 2021 coming up, as just a couple of weeks into the new year, Sentient Ruin discharges the immense debut mini-album from Minnesota atmospheric dark death metal plague ABERRATION, and today we’re excited to stream the full beast in full right here:

In reality, these guys are no rookies. Aberration is in fact a new “side project” from members of Void Rot, Suffering Hour, Tvaer, and Nothingness, however, they don’t sound too much like their respective main projects and belong more to the abysmal and lightless realm of abstract death metal we’ve seen crafted from otherworldly entities like Abyssal, Altarage, or Impetuous Ritual. Through a nebulous miasma of crushing guitar dissonance and infernal atmospherics Aberration channel a subterranean realm of decaying death and dissolution that sonically ritualizes the listener’s helpless descent into an aphotic and lightless abyss. In its spiraling and suffocating fifteen minutes the self-titled work masterfully evokes grandiose manifestations of darkness and of distant and abstract forms of evil that lie well beyond our plane of reality, facing us with an incumbent and overbearing feeling of doom and finality.

The self-titled Aberration MLP is officially out tomorrow January 15 2021 on vinyl and digital formats and can be (pre)ordered from Sentient Ruin HERE and/or HERE.

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