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9 Bands To Watch At HOCO Fest 2019

Another year of desert debauchery is upon us! Heshers, rave dorks, art school dropouts and punx will make their pilgrimage to Tucson, Arizona for another instalment of HOCO Fest. Like any fest with mixed bill mania, it can be hard to narrow down what bands you want to see in between posting different angle photos of yourself wearing tiny sunglasses with an outfit that screams “my parents pay my rent.” Luckily, we here at CVLT Nation have done the heavy lifting for you. If you’re heading down to T-town at the end of the month, then below are nine bands/artists that you certainly do not want to miss. If you aren’t attending HOCO this year…well then it just plain sucks to be you.

1. Deafkids

In the simplest terms; Deaf Kids are the Brazilian version of Destruction Unit with more d-beats. In pretentious terms; Deaf Kids are a sonic onslaught of anarchist politics warped between walls of chaotic noise punk. Whatever description you choose, go check them out.

Footage via Unartingnyc

2. Kid Congo Powers

Do I really have to justify this one? He was literally in The Gun Club and The Cramps and even Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at one point…Do you even like music if you miss this set?

Footage Via KEXP

3. Lié

You would not believe how long it took me to get the accent mark in the right spot. Anyway, let the cold and hostile punk of Lié guide you to many bad decisions during your stay in the cactus garden.

Video via Mintrecs

4. Death Bells

This song gets stuck in my head a lot so hopefully you’ll catch their set and the same will happen to you. In all seriousness, this band absolutely takes over the stage live.

Video via Burning Rose


Crushing death doom, only the realest of rockers could ever understand…

Video via Caligari Records

6. Super Unison

Call it alternative rock, post punk or anything in between. Frankly, this band fucking rips.

Footage via hate5six

7. Cold Showers

Come on, its 2019 and no festival bill is complete without a little synth pop!

Video via Dais Records

8. Sex Prisoner

You already know.

Footage via Max Volume Silence

9. Green Shirt Guy!!!

First rule of being a part of any subculture is to always laugh at fools who don’t support human rights!

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Sentient 51423

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