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666% of Sonic Filth! Experience DEVOIDOV ‘Exiled From The Grave’

Hell fucking yes, today is an EPIC day because I get to turn y’all on to the new DEVOIDOV record Exiled From The Grave. This sonic offering is a blackened ocean of filth that I’m enjoying to no end. Every second of this record has me unholy fuck this band is so so fucking gnarly and needs to be heard by ALL! DEVOIDOV‘s songs are audio death maps that will guide the listener to places of agony and bliss at the same time. It’s hard to put into words but there is something cinematic about the way they write their songs. The luring riffs of “BONE LATHE” will drag you into a cave of waste that will infect your whole being and the vocals will scratch away at your deepest fear. What makes this band RAW AF is that they are able to amplify bleakness while still maintaining RAW AF grooves that leave the listener wanting to experience more! Their tune “OBSESSOR” is a perfect balance between the light and the dark. Exiled From The Grave is a record that all of y’all should check out because it is that SICK! Oh yeah, the way this offering was mixed is spot ON! Yo DEVOIDOV, if y’all are reading this JOB WELL FUCKING DOWN! Imagine if The Misfits (Walk Among Us) and DJ Screw decided to collabo with Black Flag (My War) the outcome just might sound like what’s streaming below!

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Relapse 9-19” height=
Sentient 112217

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