Putrid Sonic FILTH!!! Premiere Streaming: CASKET HUFFER “Tyrants”

Unholy Sick Putrid FILTH – CASKET HUFFER’s soon to be released LP Gospels Of Scum is the FUCKING SHIT!!! I can’t get enough of this band’s sound and the way it makes me feel like I have been sucked into a sonic storm of hate! I love DEATH METAL that has some punk roots holding it down and CASKET HUFFER is one of those bands. CVLT Nation is stoked to be streaming their new track “Tyrants.” Do the rad thing and pre-order their LP from Hibernation Records NOW!!!… Official release date is April 21st also do me a favor and tell anyone who will listen that CASKET HUFFER is the REAL FUCKING DEAL! Stay tuned for our full review of Gospels Of Scum!



Read below what kind of ordeals that the band had to deal with to create this piece of audio warfare:

So after we finished tracking everything on the album we headed back to Cheyenne from Colorado’s Flatline Audio.  Within minutes of being on I-25 we were involved in a 4 car pileup.  Drums wound up under the vehicle behind us, there were 4 headaches, a couple back aches and some bumps and bruises, but overall we were fine.  Our vehicle miraculously still drove so we got home, scuffed up, but alive.  We gassed up the next morning, pulled the front fender from the tire, and went back down and finished everything up.

To me, that’s how the album sounds.  You’re anticipating what’s to come, when out of nowhere, you are hit with full force, and it isn’t until the smoke clears that you realize what you’ve just experienced.  Oh, and that your truck was totaled and shouldn’t have been driven.
-Than Wilson (guitarist / vocalist)


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