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Slow moving DEATH, Slow moving PAIN, Slow moving Riffs, Slow moving Drones…Suffocating DOOM that has taken the human form known as Hipoxia. This Spanish band is back with their new LP entitled SI DEVS ESSET, OCCIDENDVS ERIT and it’s fucking stellar! Hipoxia’s music is the kind of tortured dirge that CVLT Nation readers come to this site to encounter! Sonically, this album is a BEAST that has set out to destroy all fuckery, and even human extistence itself.  SI DEVS ESSET, OCCIDENDVS ERIT is out now via American Line Productions. Meanwhile, right here and motherfucking NOW, CVLT Nation is streaming the Hipoxia record in full…Get DOOMED or DIE!


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Sentient 51423

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