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80s Hardcore

Young and Useless… The Beastie Boys 1983 Full Set

Writing this brings back so many memories, because I remember how important punk was to me when I was like 13-14. One thing I really loved is when I found a band that was made up of kids my age. So when I saw the Young and Useless 7 inch, I was an instant fan, even if the music was not the best. One of the members went on to form The Beastie Boys who also started out as a punk band. I’ve got to say that I liked them way more when they started rapping, but check this rare full set of The Beastie Boys doing their punk thing in 1983 anyway. I know exactly where I was when I first heard “Cookie Puss,” but that is a whole other story…


[youtube id=”3ToIsp_HcR8″]


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