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Wrap yourself in the Shoegaze Embrace of KNIFEPLAY “Hurt Someone”

With all the chaos that’s being manufactured around us, it’s important to find peace in your present. Like me, you probably find it in music…putting on a record that fills your space with the energy that just lets you be in your body.

That’s what the new single from KNIFEPLAY, “Hurt Someone,” is doing for me right now. They’re telling me that hurting someone is inevitable in life, and it is, but the person I hurt the most is me. So enveloping myself in their buzzing shoegaze embrace is an act of kindness that might stop me from hurting someone else.

It’s off their new single Hurt Someone that’s out on November 12th via Born Losers Records — get the cassette here and pre-save here. Today we’re excited to share the official video for “Hurt Someone” with you, so do what heals you as you listen to this captivating empyreal anthem.

Cover art by Tj Strohmer
Written By

Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation.

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