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Witness the Psychedelic Grunge world of DEAD REGISTER Live!

DEAD REGISTER is a band that we really fucking love over here at CVLT Nation because they are on some next level awesome shit! They’re able to weave the past into a brand new futuristic sonic tapestry. Their last album Captive held my eardrums captive. They are gearing up for a new album. In the meantime, check out this brand new footage of them performing 3 songs live! It’s time for you to plug your brain into DEAD REGISTER and come alive!

Dead Register

3 Songs Live – Lafayette, LA – The Freetown Boom Boom Room – Nov, 2019


Our eccentric trio, Dead Register, dropped into The Freetown Boom Boom Room in Lafayette, LA during our Fall 2019 tour. It was a historically frigid November evening for the southern town, rendering the club and most of the area quiet and empty. We were warmly greeted by Ross Brown (10 South Productions), who brought two steaming hot crockpots of homemade Cajun chili spaghetti sauce AND a multi-cam setup to chronicle the show. We approached the evening like a “Live at KEXP” performance, playing privately for the fine staff of The Freetown Boom Boom Room, the opening band, and Ross. We kindly sacrificed our interview portion for more portions of his slow-cooked meat sauce. It was a very cozy and unforgettable night that we’re happy to share with you now.

Dead Register showed up on the most miserably frigid November night of 2019 in Lafayette to perform for the staff of Freetown Boom Boom Room and Chemical City Rebels. Ross Brown from 10 South Productions graciously fed us steamy hot homemade Cajun Chili with pasta, filmed the show, and edited this fine video. 0:30 Ender (Captive EP) 3:59 Circle of Lies (NEW!!!) 9:21 Fiber (Fiber LP) Thanks for watching. Camera & Editing: Ross Brown @ 10 South Productions Sound Engineering: Randy Garcia Additional Editing & Audio Sync: Randy Garcia What a great intimate night. Big thanks to Ross for being a sweetheart.
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Dead Register

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