Witness the Mind Altering & Surreal Art of Franklin Cascaes

Excuse me as I stare at the mind-melting art of Franklin Cascaes. His surreal pictures are full of morbid imagination that make me say to myself what kind of universe is he plugged into! Nuff respect due to Monster Brains for featuring his work on their killer site!

The Witch and the Prayer, 1969
Untitled ,1969
Untitled, 1970
Trip to the Moon of the Bug Game, 1962
Boitata Crespo, 1973
Untitled, 1979
The Big Witch, 1976
Boitata, 1960
Midnight Boitatá Passed and the Carreta Stopped, 1969
Boitata Junior, 1981
Untitled, 1968
Witch of the Modern Times, 1976
O Boitata, 1968
The Nightmare, 1969

“A researcher of the Azorean culture, folklorist, ceramist, anthropologist, engraver and Brazilian writer. Cascaes was born on the beach of Itaguaçu, in the mainland of Floranópolis.  He dedicated his life to the study of the Azorean culture in the Santa Catarina Island and region, including folkloric, cultural aspects, their legends and superstitions.” – quote source


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