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Apocalyptic Blues

Witness the majesty and Healing visual from Hedia “Quartet 4”

Give us your heart and mind for a moment. It’s time for you to witness the majesty of Hedia’s Quartet 4 video. As I listen to the music of Bryce Hample (REIGHNBEAU) aka Hedia, I find myself almost crying because the sounds he uses do something to my heart. It really is an honor to share this visual with you. The world is a crazy place right now and the music off of the album Quartets (release date Friday 7/03) is beyond healing – it’s sonic bliss mixed with a healthy dose of happiness!

Hedia is the music of multi-instrumentalist Bryce Hample. Hedia is spacial music, creating a place to inhabit, if only temporarily. Musical spaces to encompass the listener, unfolding organically and spaciously, in a blanket of drifting piano chords, viola da gamba, brass, subdued guitar, and tape manipulations.

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