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Did Witchcraft Cause Eye Disease In The 16th Century?
The Surreal Illustrations of Georg Bartisch

Georg Bartisch was a person who dedicated his life to finding cures for eye diseases. He was born in 1535, and was an apprentice to a barber surgeon by the age of 13. From what I can see, he was a bit of a prodigy, carrying out operations at an early age. What make him even more interesting is how he was avid believer in Witchcraft, Magic and Astrology, which he thought were very important to medicine. He also created the first Renaissance manuscript on ophthalmic disorders and eye surgery, Ophthalmodouleia Das ist Augendienst. When you look at these images, they are totally surreal and a blast to look at. If you would like to peep the whole digitized version of his manuscript, go HERE, but for a preview just scroll down.



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