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Black Metal

Witch Metal Reigns Supreme: ASENATH BLAKE ‘Voorish Songs’ Rules!!!

So what happens when a band named Asenath Blake sends you their new record entitled Voorish Songs and you fall in love with it? You do the right thing and turn on your readers to this incredible collection of songs! The opening track “Under the blasted oak” makes me feel so happy to be alive. What I really dig about this band is how good they are at balancing scathing and soaring sonic energy to create a world that’s powerfully enchanting. Asenath Blake is in tune with their ancient spirits but doesn’t sound like they’re living in the past. Actually, their music is pushing our culture forward and for that, they have my respect. Voorish Songs is one of the most refreshing records I’ve heard this year and I would like to hear it on vinyl or tape. Do me a favor – tell your homies about Asenath Blake because they deserve the shine!

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Sentient 51423

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