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WELCOME TO THE WAR ZONE! Blast DEAD CITY’s New LP “banned from LA”

WTF WTF WTF How awesome is the new DEAD CITY album banned from LA. It’s so fucking good I know for a fact if it came out in ’84, Gary Tovar from Goldenvoice would have booked them to play at the Welcome to 1984 with Dead Kennedys show (I was there and this band would have added to the mayhem)! This band’s music and energy are so on point it’s hard to imagine them ever putting out a record that I can’t stand behind. From the moment the first track, “blood must be shed,” jumps off, you realize that this band can’t be fucked with! DEAD CITY creates LA punk for LA Punx. What I mean by that is that you can hear the wild streets of our city running through their riffs and vocals. On the lyrical tip, this band is speaking for the new generation of LA Punx, and it’s evident that they are a band that stands for the upliftment of Westside Punk Community. Their songs give the listener a glimpse into the real underground that is taking place in the city of the angels! Blast their anthem “human chopshop” and tell me that this record is not the bomb!

I’m really cool with the fact that DEAD CITY exists because it shows me the aggro vibes I grew up on are still alive. I respect this band for the DIY ethic that they have in everything that they do! From afar, I can see that there is a thriving Hardcore Punk scene in LA now and DEAD CITY is a part of that foundation! Only time will tell how high banned from LA will be on CVLT Nation’s Top 10 Hardcore Punk list of 2022. Yo, this is a message to Mike from Dead City your vocal delivery is straight fire my G! I also want to give a shoutout to every member of this band — I appreciate all of the sacrifices y’all have made to do what you do! THE L.A. PUNK SCENE WILL NEVER DIE, IT JUST GETS GNARLIER!!!

Photo by @aye_most
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