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Watch the new clip from Brazilian instrumental post-rock HUEY

Pic by Victor Daguano

The instrumental quintet Huey has just released their new clip for the song ‘Mother’s Prayer’. According the band, the idea is that the video has to do with the concept of the existence into the void and what’s in between breaks — be it a riff, a painting, an architectonic project or even a prayer.

Because from the prayer can arises daintiness that bring down every horror. And ’cause it’s mothers that gaves us a life in comforting affection. The prayer of a mother has the most genuine love that we need so much these days.

The video was filmed and directed by Victor Daguano and starts the celebrations of the band tenth anniversary, wich occurs in 2020.

The song is part of the full length MA (2018) and shows us beauty, intensity, heaviness and layers of melodies.

Written By

Father of Benjamin, journalist, press officer and someone who likes to scream and listen to the music.

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