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Watch Rozz Williams as a psychopath killer in the film “PIG”

“I found this incredibly frightening pig-mask at a thrift store, so I decided to be” The Pig Man. ” From that stint, there was a photo-shoot that I did. I started thinking about the character of this person, who he was and how he thought of himself, and the film stems from that. “

Text via Sex Before Suicide

Everything begins when Rozz Williams, the singer of CHRISTIAN DEATH, bought this mask, and imagines a screenplay in his little tortured head. He joins his dutch friend Nico B. and tries to represent the life of this Pig Man, through some photo shoots in the desert, and a frightening decor, then start to film. We follow, during this black and white 23 minutes long shorts film, an intense and chaotic nightmarish sink into the narrow relationship between the psychopath killer (Rozz Williams) and his victim (James Hollan). An ambiguous, sadomasochistic relationship. The killer, with a pig mask on, after having found a consenting victim, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, to the inflict him all of tortures. The killer is very meticulous, he leaves nothing to chance, WHY GOD PERMITS EVIL. Only made of collages, drawings, symbols, scrawls and bloodstained texts.  


All the humiliations and tortures that James Holland endures are real, it’s almost a snuff movie, only the death of the character is fictional, because it’s suggested. The artistic extremism, the absence of dialogues, and the noisy soundtrack, the real violence, make this movie hard to watch sometimes. But, it’s just a surrealistic vision of the Rozz Williams fears and obsessions, or even of every human being. It’s all about his own suicide, a self-destruction through the killer and his victim. With the “Pig” cut in the chest, we can understand that James Hollan is a martyr in who the killer is projecting himself. A crucial scene of the movie shows them both, their heads wrapped with a bandage, two opposites melting in this crazy moment. This cold and gloomy house in which the tortures take place, Best of the Manson family house, Rozz Williams was really interested in this cult at the time. So, PIG is a surrealistic, experimental film, inspired by fears, neurosis, like the work of the Dadaists, like “An Andalusian Dog” by DALI and BUNUEL, or the RON ATHEY performances, the Austrian performer RUDOLF SCHWARZKOGLER in the 60s really into self-destructive art. A few months later, Rozz Williams hangs himself, on April 1 1998. Best April Fool’s Day joke. 

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RIP Rozz Williams 11/06/1963 – 04/01/1998.  

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1 Comment

  1. Nonono

    August 9, 2019 at 6:48 am

    Doesn’t Cvlt Nation have a problem with the fact that Rozz admired Boyd Rice?

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