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Dismantle Fear and Destroy Lies! Watch DEATH INDEX’s new visual “No Cure For Madness”

I can’t front and I won’t front, the new DEATH INDEX visual for their song “No Cure For Madness” created by Carson Cox takes me back to my youth as I stayed up on the weekends to watch Midnight Night Flight. Actually, it also makes me think about looking at the world through the eyes of Max Headroom and the total insanity he must have seen! I say this with a smile on my face: I <3 DEATH INDEX and their music makes me want to dance on the moon! Imagine if Suicide, Psychedelic Furs, Crass, and Lack of Knowledge decided to start a project together — the outcome just might sound something like DEATH INDEX. This band creates music that is influenced by the state of our world and for that, I respect it because they have something to say! Their new album Civilized By A Lie hits the streets on July 7th (order HERE) and you peep their new visual below!

The lyrics and sounds of this album are an investigation of this. The truth of the LIE not simply to judge or waste time preaching what’s wrong because everyone already knows what’s wrong. The album isn’t a pamphlet or declaration of evil on the part of western superpowers. It’s a bird’s eye view of what we look like on Earth, destroying each other over imaginary differences – be it language, ideology or personal preference. Everyone is in the same sinking boat. Indicting anyone other than ourselves, the collective us, is foolish.


ARTWORK: Marco Rapisarda
Photo by by Jimmy Fontaine

Written By

Sentient 51423

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