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Hardcore Punk

Experience the Unrelenting Vicious Hardcore Punk of CIRCLE NØNE’s “The Wreckoning”

Fuck that, CIRCLE NØNE is all that and then some! Their latest tape The Wreckoning jumps out of the speakers as soon as you press play!!! Over the course of 5 punishing songs, this band proves that they can’t be fucked with. Imagine if 45 Grave, Sin 34, Discharge, Nausea, and Crucifix decided to join forces to make an album — the outcome might sound like The Wreckoning. I’m beyond impressed by this band because they have manifested a record that rules from beginning to end. Once y’all hear the power of the opening track, “False Front,” you will hear the FURY for yourself. It trips me out how CIRCLE NØNE has been able to capture so many different genres of Punk into their own raging sound. This band has a never-ending Raging Melody that lives in all of their songs! I can’t front, vocally and musically, CIRCLE NØNE is next-level RAW AF! Join me as I celebrate The Wreckoning as one of our newest favorite records!

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