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Hardcore Punk

Unholy Hell Yes! SWEAT Split with NEGATIVE BLAST is a Perfect Combo!

Sweat split with Negative Blast comes out Aug. 25th via Vitriol Records is OFFFF the freaking chain and rocks harder than a sledgehammer!!! Sweat kicks come out of the gate with a banger called “Regulations” that gives me the voodoo chills. This band’s music is fucking electrifying and is to rock and shock the nation. Negative Blast’s song “Original Spirit” is a high-octane jolt of pure fury that will have you moving for sure! Real talk, both bands are perfectly matched. One thing that I take away from this split is that the Sweat split with Negative Blast needs to tour together, like now. I’m super excited to share with y’all this fantastic split in full below!

Photo by Joshua Sharp

Closing is about examining the reasons why we find comfort in familiarity in regards to spaces and places. Some walls are more important in shaping us  than others, but ultimately what shapes us and what makes them special isn’t the carpet and the drywall, it’s the community, it’s the action, and it’s the people. It’s about the discomfort and sadness of leaving special places, possibly forever, but also the anger and frustration of being attached to things and giving power to material items that served their purpose. –

Tuna of Sweat

Psychic Trash is about that swampy muck that sticks inside when you break off from someone you’ve found out. Or when you think to yourself about how it’s all a big setup and that money and power are the heart of human urge. That blank feeling of disconnect and lingering ugly, raw energy. A mad world full of sick people. –

Rain of Negative Blast


Sept 16-  Brooklyn, NY @ St Vitus w/Graf Orlock 

Negative Blast 

Aug 24 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar w/City of Caterpillar

Sept 8 Pomona, CA @ The Glass House w/ The Bled

Nov 11 – New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge w/The Bled

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