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Heavy Heavy Heavy!
The Rotten to the Core Sonic Hell of GREY WIDOW. Review + Stream… Death.

Holy… fuckin’… shit. I sat down to listen to the self titled debut from GREY WIDOW, and I immediately started feeling an awful sense of unease and torment taking over my existence. I could feel maggots tunneling under my skin, my hair and teeth falling out and leeches lodged in my eye sockets, sucking on my pupils, and eating their way into my skull. I could feel the scent of death and madness filling my nostrils with sickness and my lungs with vomit and bile, and shrouding my existence with a permeant sense of ruin and decay. This music is not to be fucked with. It’s decaying and putrid potency is just too much to underestimate. GREY WIDOW, have crafted something of unimaginable sickness.

GREY WIDOW are this really fucked up, rotten, putrid, grotesque and absolutely fucking deviated raw sludge band from England, and their music is just the most fucking insolent, cynical, violent, crude and uncompromising pile of decomposing madness I have heard in a long ass time. You just envision death and corpses all around while listening. You can almost see the world turn upside down through this music. The good become evil, the alive turn dead… heavens, turn into endless hells. I’ve said it all, no point in continuing further and trying to explain redundantly how this music tries to kill you and mummify you. If you’re into bands like Alkerdeel, Corrupted, Moss, The Body, Thou, Electric Wizard, Conan, Iron Monkey and Buzzoven, this is where your search for the holy grail of all things fucking mummified, rotten and worm-ridden to the fucking core ends once and for all. Enjoy.

grey widow

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