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Tune into the Network breakdown that is the GRIDFAILURE visual “Transient Fault” feat. MAC GOLLEHON

WTF do we have here? We have the new GRIDFAILURE video “Transient Fault” Featuring MAC GOLLEHON. This song will seep into the dark places of your mind and spread all over. Imagine the planet called noise was overtaken by the planet called free jazz on acid – sounds like this collabo. Let me be the first to tell you that watching this will expand your mind and might give you nightmares in the daytime. On the real GRIDFAILURE and MAC GOLLEHON coming together makes sense because they both represent an altered state of freedom!

GOLLEHON describes the song as, “Drone tones, network breakdown, discordant components. Butterflies swarm the medical debris in search of warmth in the humid dawn quicksand as you can feel the comfort blanket of overhead powerlines remaining transient within the attrition.”

Brenner writes, “The consuming bleakness that permeates our pandemic lockdown despair is here delivered in a multi-disorienting concept, as the circuits trip and the faultline ruptures internally, the darkest recesses are exposed. This is the precursor for the album track ‘El Temblor’ which relays the tale in Spanish, which here harbingers, ‘From Below. Destruction. Implosion. Worlds collide. Civilization plummets. Eradication. The Grid fails. Drain the life from this depraved society. Grant us access to your subterranean tomb. El Temblor. The earthquake.”

Nefarious Industries will release GRIDFAILURE Featuring MAC GOLLEHON’s Dismemberment Cabaret on May 21st across all digital providers and in a limited Flamingo Meth Pink cassette run. Find merch bundles and more HERE.

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