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Tower of David…
The Worlds Tallest Squat
Dynamic Photo Essay

I’m gazing at some very powerful photos the Tower of David in Caracas, Venezuela, the tallest squat in the world! Alejandro Cegarra took amazing photos over five months, documenting the lives of the people who live in the post-apocalyptic-looking tower, and called his photo series “The Other Side of the Tower.” His pictures tell so many different stories of the human condition that it will be hard for you to look away. There are so many different kind of emotions taking place in these flicks that each one is a film unto itself. This is what Cegarra had to say about the daily lives of the people who live there: “there are places without railings where drunk people or children have fallen, and … the water and electrical systems are not adequate.” Cegarra’s pictures give a human face to this community and what they have to endure. For more info about the Tower of David go HERE!

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