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Today In DOOM HISTORY: Witness GANGRENED’s Majestic new visual “Harrbåda” 

Life is not easy, but out pain comes growth! Life is not easy, but from Mother Nature we are all born. Heavy is not always heavy, sometimes it’s fragile and full of earth-moving empathy. Right now I’m listening to the new GANGRENED album Deadly Algorithm and my heart is crying tears of joy. Let me tell ya, this band has created an unreal album that has reshaped the genre of DOOM. I’m beyond happy with y’all that we get to share their new visual “Harrbåda” below. Press play and allow the heavy majesty of GANGRENED to do the rest.

Harrbåda is an area in the coast of Kokkola, a small town in the middle of the Finnish west coast, in the other side of the pond, the gulf of Bothnia, you have Sweden and the city of Umeä, where bands like Refused or Cult Of Luna come from, so same latitude imagine same landscapes. The area of Harrbåda consist mainly of a small peninsula with a old lighthouse and few summer cabins, and some extention into the near woods. These woods area and the old lighthouse carries some spooky stories through the years. Some are urban legends, like cats found hanging from the trees around the lighthouse. Other have real proves left behind of that something real happened, like paints of satanic rituals in some abandon houses, brought down few years ago, among the woods. It is proved that in the 90s, when the thing was popular, there was some satanic ritualism activity in this area. There are other urban legends about some haunted houses related with some story about a family diying drowning in the sea close to the coast while being in a boat. Either way, what is true and obvious is that the area, inside the woods for example, is really inspiring and charming, either during the day or the night.

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