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Post Rock

This isn’t an experiment: This is your Brain on ZAHN’s ‘Adria’

It’s time for y’all to open y’all’s minds and allow ZAHN’s new album Adria to come into your existence. This record is next-level rad — that is a fact! Imagine if Mogwai, Portishead, Envy, Can, and TORTOISE came together to create a sonic cathedral — the audio outcome might sound like this amazing collection of songs. Honestly, I have never heard Noise Rock through the lens of Post Rock, but ZAHN has done just that and then some! I don’t mind plugging myself into this band’s creative vision because I actually feel like music like this is extremely good for my mental health! I do have to say that I’m beyond impressed with how ZAHN’s music makes me feel. This is why I am happy to share with y’all Adria in full below. I want to thank Crazysane Records for pushing the culture forward and releasing this record on Nov 24th.

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Sentient 51423

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