There is nowhere to hide! Watch HIDE’s incendiary Russian Full Set

WTF!!! HIDE’s new album Hell is Here is fucking UNREAL and is out now via Dais Records! Their music gives me the clarity I need to see through the bullshit we call life. I can’t even describe how this band allows my mind dismantle all of the lies that I have been taught. If you have never seen them live make sure to catch them on their upcoming tour. In the meantime, check out this radical video of them performing live in Russia!

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To say we're excited about this is a major understatement but for lack of a better grasp on the english language let's say WE ARE SUPER FUCKING PSYCHED to announce that we are playing @roadburnfest 2020 thank you @emmaruthrundle thank you Roadburn🏴🏴🏴and thank you @beckylaverty for the most on point words below about what we are doing. HIDE were already flickering on the peripheries of our eyeline when Emma Ruth Rundle highlighted them as a must-have for her curated event, The Gilded Cage. So, it was with great pleasure that we invited this industrial duo to join us in Tilburg next April. Heather Gabel and Seth Sher have been making music together under the HIDE moniker for five years, creating a certain kind of audio violence that is challenging in a multitude of ways. As a long time multimedia artist, Gabel’s eye for aesthetics has informed the way the pair present themselves: uncompromising, confrontational, punishing, provocative. Placing a boot squarely between the eyes of the male gaze, directing their laser-precision aim at misogyny, rape culture and an ever growing swell of society’s ills, HIDE don’t mince their meaning. Whilst the message alone deserves to be heard, the accompanying pulse of grit-flecked industro-slickness is what makes HIDE an essential booking for Roadburn. Demonstrating that heavy music doesn’t need a guitar to be crushing, HIDE are dragging ‘heaviness’, kicking and screaming, in their wake. Emma commented: “I’m very happy to announce HIDE as the first band in my curation. No one else is touching on all the subjects that really twist the blade in my being the way they can. Their work is brutal, visceral, painful and poignant in all ways. From their videos, albums, lyrics, uniquely sourced samples and undeniably intense live performance- HIDE not only transcend – they absolutely destroy.” HIDE will perform as part of Emma Ruth Rundle’s ‘The Gilded Cage’ curation at Roadburn 2020.

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