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The sound of our Blackened Apocalypse! RIGOROUS INSTITUTION ‘Cainsmarsh’

WTF the new Rigorous Institution Cainsmarsh that is out now via Black Water Records is so beyond fucking good!!! To say that this record is full of apocalyptic anthems would be a gross understatement! Imagine if Zygote, Killing Joke, and Depressor decided to form a band that was gnarlier than any of their other bands, the end result would only start to come close to the sound of Rigorous Institution. I’m on a mission to turn the world on to the beautiful sonic chaos that is this band because no other band sounds like them. I love the mind-numbing effect that their songs have on me. When I hear songs like “Criminal Betrayers,” I can’t help but say unholy fuck this band has something to say and I’m all fucking ears! They are manifesting their art outside of trends and creating their art on their own terms! Join CVLT Nation in giving Rigorous Institution their props because they killed it with Cainsmarsh.

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Sentient 51423

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