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The Most N.Y. Shi* Ever! Tap Into NEW YERRR CITY’s Bodega Raps

What time is it? It’s time to turn y’all on to the sickest Hip Hop channel on YouTube that is full of insanely rad unsigned MCs and vocalists — peep NEW YERRR CITY‘s series Bodega Raps. Every session takes place in front of bodegas in the artist’s hood and they’re filmed in HD with mad flavor.

I love the concept because I know how important music is to youth in every borough. Bodega Raps gives these talented artists a place to express themselves. Real Talk, I have found some of my favorite MCs and Singers doing it right now on this channel! Case in point — ATMoney, who, in my book, is a lyrical giant and has an ill voice that is really fucking captivating. If I had the power to link her up with Premo, I would, because she has a freaky freaky flow like Jeru the Damja but she is in a lane all her own — just peep “3AM On Maryland” (I want to hear a whole tape from her, like NOW!).

Next up is Indica Wave, whose song “Friends.Over.Everything.Sike!” is a very honest look at modern relationships that is created from a place of empowerment! I can’t help but press rewind on both of these artists because they are that awesome! Another thing I respect about Bodega Raps is that the artists represent the multicultural make-up of NYC! I want to give a MAJOR BIG SHOUT OUT to all of the young artists here: don’t stop because you can’t STOP!

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Relapse Monolord
Sentient 112217

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