The grotesque and profane artwork of Fritz Aigner

There is so much beauty in the grotesque and the proof of this can be found in the artwork of Fritz Aigner (1930 – 2005). The pictures you are about to see below are erotic and profane. I feel it’s important for you to create your own feeling about his work. I feel that if Fritz Aigner’s work shape-shifted into songs, they would be both heavy and fragile, and I would be hooked!

Illustration from “The Beauty and the Beast”, 1970
What I wanted to say … with self-expression, 1970
Figures, 1970
Frog King – from “The Beauty and the Beast” series
Untitled, 1971
Second illustration from “The Beauty and the Beast”, 1970
From Series “The Beauty and the Beast”, 1995
Erotic Representations
The Big Fight, 1979

via Monsters Brains


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