Tear into Xibling’s pulsing new EP ‘Yesbody’

There’s nothing we love more here at Cvlt Nation than watching bands change and grow into distinct new territory as artists explore the limits of their abilities and learn new skills. Portland’s synth duo ‘Xibling‘ have been doing just that since their inception. After dropping two EPs last year, they’re at it again, blending throwback minimal synth with modern fast-paced electronica. Clocking in at a comfortable six tracks, the brand new EP Yesbody is conceived and produced with a keen attention to detail.


Appropriately simple bass buzzes set the mood for the matter-of-fact meta analysis provided by Moriah West’s always effected vocals that waiver in between lackadaisical stage-setting and blown out hollering. Electro-wizard Julian Thieme uses perfect filigree as accoutrement, providing perfectly timed filter sweeps that climax into instant stops and bass drops. Sticking with tried and true themes with tracks like ‘Latex Gloves,’ this EP also delves into socio-political territory, critiquing and berating the normalization of confinement for elements inaccurately deemed criminal as in the song ‘Contract,’ when profit prison deals are lambasted for their corruption.

Their on tour this month alongside Portland goth pop killers The Secret Light. Catch them on these tour dates below and grab the EP here.


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