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SIX – FÓRN Weltschmerz Once more like clockwork, Fórn returns one year after their debut full-length to unveil their second EP, entitled Weltschmerz (roughly translates as “world-weariness).” The band’s newest offering will see the light of day (darkness of night, depending on your point of view) through Gilead Media around

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Tyranny’s Aeons in Tectonic Interment features five epic tracks of funeral doom/death with fitting song titles such as “Sunless Deluge” and “Preparation of a Vessel.” Find an abandoned tunnel and light some candles for this descent into distress. There’s nary a blast beat or uptempo thrash riff in this slow,

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Slow Moving Pain, Crawling Death Clouds, Beautiful Rays Of Darkness are some of the thoughts that melt away as I listen to the new TYRANNY album entitled Aeons in Tectonic Interment. Ancient riffs will engulf your humanity and make you realize how fragile our existence really is…I find so much

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