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GAEREA is an insanely sick black metal band from Portugal whose last album Unsettling Whispers, which came out last year via Transcending Obscurity, was showered with the critical acclaim it justly deserved! The band is hitting the road with their label mates JUPITERIAN starting this April in Europe, including summer festival

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Henry Kane is the solo vessel of Jonny Peterson, mainly known from Wombbath, along with a myriad of other projects. Peterson’s goal with Henry Kane appears to be a reinterpretation of Swedish, old-school death metal, with a few interesting twists and turns. To that end his debut album, Den Forstorda

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Staying under the radar, Drug Honkey has been releasing its brew of experimental doom/death since the early ’00s, putting out records independently, until 2012’s Ghost In The Fire was released by Diabolical Conquest Records. Today, they are trying to escape obscurity releasing their newest album, Cloak of Skies, through Transcending

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DRUG HONKEY have a new LP called Cloak of Skies in the works, and this slab of crushing death doom is set to pound the world’s skull in on May 5th via Transcending Obscurity. We’re honored to be bringing you the first exclusive track stream from Cloak of Skies, “Sickening Wasteoid.” This

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Transcending Obscurity is getting ready to release the new album from FETID ZOMBIE, the pummelling death/doom project from acclaimed illustrator Mark Riddick. Epicedia‘s angry jaws will tear into the world starting Nov. 25th, and to celebrate this orgy of audio destruction, Mark will include some of his original illustrations for the album in a few

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Written by Gregg Harrington With a band name like The Whorehouse Massacre, one could make a few assumptions about what one is about to listen to. The first that comes to mind is the abomination that was mid-2000’s “hipster grindcore”: white-belted singers with flat-ironed hair writing songs about murdering girls that

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