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Spirit Adrift came to life in 2015 after founding member Nate Garrett (Gatecreeper, ex-Take Over And Destroy) found himself at a crossroads and deeply in debt to alcohol. The realities he faced led to his taking solace in music and creating his way out of an ever increasing hole of

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Photos: Joshua Ford Since 2012, Tucson, Ariz. has served as an unholy bastion to which the depraved and devout flock. This migration is owed to the Southwest Terror Fest, a weekend-long worship of heavy music in its many forms. This year, the event’s third iteration, consisted of four nights (Oct.

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Last year Take Over And Destroy released one of my personal favourites of 2013, so the news that they were ready to go with a follow up to Endless Night so soon was quite the pleasant surprise. Vacant Face is the sound of band fully hitting their stride, and of

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