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Disclaimer: The history of the Mongol Empire is as vast as the empire once was. Sadly its truth has been relegated to the “great men, great deeds,” or shall I say “evil men, evil deeds,” section of our education system. Genghis Khan was a barbarian, and that was that. Unfortunately

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Demonic possession has plagued human kind since we began recording our histories. The Abrahamic religions in particular thrived off of the fear of demonic possession in their flocks; but no organization took it further than the Christian Industrial Complex. To this day, most major sects of Christianity have official policies on

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There are many fascinating museums in this world, but one that is near the top of my list to visit is the Mittelalterliches Kriminalmuseum (Medieval Crime Museum) in Rothenburg, Germany. The Kriminalmuseum is dedicated to the history of European law over the past ten centuries or so, with a special emphasis on medieval punishments.

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